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Unforgettable experience of life as a true Nomad on Silk Road Pearls

“SRP-Travel LLC” Travel company organizes trips along ancient caravan routes of the Great Silk Road under the brand of “Silk Road Pearls Travel”. Tours in three directions are offered to tourists from the USA, the Great Britain and the European Union:

  1. 12-day tour across Central Asia: Turkey – Kyrgyzstan – Uzbekistan;
  2. 8-day tour across Uzbekistan cities as Tashkent, Samarqand, Khiva and Bukhara;
  3. 10-day tour across Kavkazus region: Turkey – Georgia – Azerbaijan – Armenia;
    Our goal is to demonstrate our tourists the real pearls of the Great Silk Road, built before the rule of Genghis Khan in the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus, the pearls that still keep ancient monuments of those times.

We will lead you along the historical route of nomads, along the path of people of Eastern world, original cultures and a wide variety of goods.

The journey across the Great Silk Road is a bright interweaving of impressions from a unique Eastern flavor, picturesque natural landscapes and fascinating centuries-old history. Every place here keeps mysterious mists of antiquity.

Like hundreds of years ago, light silk fabrics are produced according to the old technology and the aromas of dozens of fragrant spices hover on noisy markets in the cities located on the branches of the Great Silk Road…

We offer all-inclusive group tours. The cost of the trip includes international and local flights, transfers, accommodation, meals, transportation services. The journey is carried out on new comfortable buses, each group of tourists will be accompanied by a qualified guide from the USA from our company, who speaks local languages. We take care of your visa.

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Unforgettable experience of life
as a true Nomad along theSilk Road Pearls.