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10 important tips for travelers

People frequently forget about the significance of the details that play an important role during the trip. Our tips will help you to prepare everything carefully so that only good impressions will remain from the rest!

1. Make a copy of your passport and visa in advance and do not forget to photograph the documents on the phone just in case. But the actual documents are best to be left in the hotel safely in order to avoid the risk of loss or theft.

2. Take only convenient and practical things. Before flying away, sort out the suitcase again to remove something extra. As a rule, people take a lot of things with them on a trip, part of which remains as an unnecessary burden. Therefore, it is advisable to stock up with warm sweatshirts and sports trousers, so you will be ready for any changes of the weather anytime.

3. Be sure to take a first aid kit! Even if you take care of the insurance, a small supply of drugs will never be extra: to treat allergies and insect bites, against fever and headache, against digestive disorders and spasms. Do not forget about these: adhesive plasters, bandages, iodine, brilliant green, antiseptics.

4. Vacuum packages and special travel covers are indispensable when traveling. Storing the clothes in them will free up a lot of space in the luggage. On top of that, they are durable and waterproof, so no worries about the safety of your belongings if liquid is accidentally spilled in a suitcase. Travel covers and bags will protect clothes, as well as cosmetics, hygiene and care products, chargers, etc.

Note! Do not carry money, documents and bank cards in your pockets and bags. For these purposes, a so-called secret pocket should be prepared, which can be easily hidden under clothes, ensuring the safety of valuable things.

5. If you are going to take a credit card with you, first make sure that you can use it in your destination country. And do not forget about the notice to your bank, because when you try to withdraw money in another country, your card may be blocked.

6. Stock up with a bottle of water. The rules of various airlines regarding the amount of liquid allowed for transporting may vary, but it is still better to have some water on hand to quench your thirst, rather than waiting for you to be offered regular drinks.

7. Belt bags/purses will be very comfortable in the trip. You can keep mobile phone, documents, airline tickets, keys, camera in it. Suitable, always at hand, and supervised!

8. When withdrawing cash from an ATM, cash out immediately in local currency. Attention! Exchange offices at airports often have the most unfavorable rate throughout the country.

9. Buy souvenirs and gifts immediately while traveling. On the last day of the trip, most likely you will not buy what you wanted or will buy at a wrong price possible.

10. Arrange a gastronomic tour, be sure to try the local cuisine! You can enjoy McDonalds and KFC products at home. Allow yourself to enjoy delicious gastronomic discoveries on the journey.