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Uzbekistan is a colorful country of Central Asia with a rich history, full of delicate traditions of the East, charm and grandeur of the oldest cities in the world. The land of the Uzbeks saw the emergence and the fall of the great empires of Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan, the devastating wars and the construction of amazing architectural monuments. The country is lucky to be located in a picturesque oasis in the center of the intersection of the roads of the Great Silk Road, along which the numerous caravans of Mediterranean, Indian, and Chinese traders passed. Here, at the crossroads of cultures and civilizations, cities were rapidly emerging and flourishing, new types of crafts appeared there, lively trade was conducted, the local cuisine acquired a national flavor, absorbing the savory features of overseas meals that traveling merchants readily told about.
In 2017, the Uzbek land was visited by 2.5 million people, then, in 2018, the number of visitors reached 5 million! Now Uzbekistan is confidently bypassing European countries and writing the leading positions of international tourist ratings into its history.
The award to Uzbekistan in the nomination “Gastronomic tourism” in the National Geographic Traveler Awards 2018 competition according to the National Geographic Traveler magazine became a sensation. The Republic received 34% of the vote, leaving behind Italy (21%) and Azerbaijan (17%).

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